The Eight Most Common Ways Canadians Lost Citizenship

how canadians can lose their citizenship

At the time the Lost Canadians were fighting for the return of their citizenship, I was a reporter at CBC News in Kelowna, BC. I also later became a member of CBC’s Investigative Unit, but before that happened I ran across the story of a Kelowna teacher who had been stripped of her citizenship, along […]

Department of External Affairs 1945: Canadians are Citizens

Take note in particular of # 2E:Referring to the upcoming introduction into Parliament of a new bill for Canadian citizenship, it talks about people who will be citizens once it has passed but then says “people who are now Canadian citizens under existing legislation will be recognized as Canadians under the (new) Bill.” telegram is followed by […]

Library and Archives Canada Says All War Dead Are Canadian Citizens

When hostilities broke out in September 1939, the Canadian government sought early on to centralize and manage the stream of propaganda messages that would bombard the Canadian public. Indeed, government officials consulted old First World War posters and other materials housed at the Public Archives to determine the best means of influencing public opinion and […]