Canadian Citizenship in 1943: “Battle of Brains” Propaganda Booklet Clearly Says Soldiers were Canadians

The Battle of Brains was wartime propaganda printed in 1943 designed to encourage young Canadian men and women to sign up for the military. Interesting, when the government wants its young men and women to risk their lives, they are “citizens”, but once they actually give up their lives for their country, citizens they are NOT.
“Every citizen has, in wartime, a very special duty to his country, his community, and to himself as a citizen of that country.  You have taken the first step in the discharge of the duties that have befallen you. You are now receiving traning through which you become mentally and physically better equipped to perform those duties. You may rest assured that the other citizens of Canada who are at their civilian posts, watch you with pride and in many cases with envy.”

Now the government is saying that they were not ever real citizens, which is completely false.  Citizenship in Canada began with Confederation, even the Governor General in 1867 stated, “we have just created a new nationality.”


The Lost Canadians: A Struggle for Citizenship Rights, Equality and Identity

When Don Chapman was six years old, he was stripped of his Canadian citizenship, thanks to an arcane provision of the Canadian Citizenship Act. Years later, he was stunned to discover the fact, and thus began his David-and-Goliath battle to change Canada’s archaic citizenship laws.